conigma ccm title
SAP Change Control Management even for SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM, XLD and Tempate Protection are not contradictory. Conigma™ CCM is the SAP change control solution in hybrid SAP IT factories. Also for SAP Cross Landscape Distribution (XLD). With SAP Template Protection. Control changes / SAP TMS / SAP cTMS transports in conjunction with SAP Cloud ALM or with Jira, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow and much more.

Conigma CCM high quality no risk audit compliance

Change SAP landscapes at the touch of a button

The benefits of Conigma™ CCM are as unique as the list of over 100 features to secure your SAP changes. Now also as SAP Cloud ALM Transport Agent. Our DNA is SAP ALM: over 20 years of know-how and experience as a software provider of SAP-certified ALM solutions. 180 days return policy. No strings attached.

Short innovation cycles with distributed teams, not only working from home, are the main challenge for companies nowadays. Especially in heterogeneous SAP landscapes with on-prem and cloud products, fast, quality-assured changes are the key issue. Conigma™ CCM not only allows DevOps, but also the seamless switch between release orientation and continuous delivery.

conigma ccm seamless- integration
Seamless integration into the hybrid SAP IT Factory

Conigma™ CCM is an important component of the hybrid SAP IT Factory, which in addition to SAP on-prem systems also supports SAP and non-SAP cloud systems.

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conigma ccm orchestration sap changes
Orchestration of SAP software changes

With Conigma™ CCM, changes to an SAP landscape can be planned and executed in a coordinated manner. Release and change managers have full transparency.

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conigma ccm central management sap
Central management and control

For our customers, Conigma™ CCM is the single point of truth for managing and controlling changes in SAP landscapes: even multi-level approval processes.

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conigma ccm automated releases
Automation of approvals

In addition to the efficient approval procedures on individual and group level, Conigma™ CCM automates the approval procedures in the entire object hierarchy.

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conigma ccm sap transport agent sap cloud alm
SAP Transport Agent for SAP Cloud ALM

For SAP Cloud ALM, Conigma™ CCM today already provides all features. With Cross System Landscape Distribution (XLD) and Template Protection.

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conigma ccm extensive automated analyses
Comprehensive automatic analysis

Conigma™ CCM seamlessly integrates comprehensive analysis options into the SAP software change process. Transparency at the touch of a button.

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conigma ccm multilevel retrofit 3 way merge
Multi-stage retrofit with 3-way merge

Our retrofit is called Conigma™ DevSync. Changes in parallel SAP system landscapes are automatically merged.

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conigma ccm automated transport backup
Automatic transport backout

DevOps and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment require high frequency automated regression tests.

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Conigma™ CCM is the central platform for controlling the change process in SAP environments, increasing efficiency, ensuring delivery quality and minimising risk. Conigma™ CCM is an indispensable part of the SAP® IT Factory for companies that want to effectively manage and develop their SAP systems.

Conigma CCM Benefit 01Time Value
Reduced time-to-value through automation

Comprehensive automations by Conigma™ CCM shorten the implementation time of all changes in complex SAP landscapes.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 02 Quality
Quality due to reduced change risks

Conigma™ CCM reduces errors and downtime by automatic consideration of dependencies at all levels.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 03 Cost savings
Cost savings through rationalised processes

Conigma™ CCM optimises SAP software change processes from development to product delivery.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 04 transparency
Better decisions due to greater transparency

Conigma™ CCM provides the data that both release management and the change control board need for their daily decisions.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 05 Build in Comliance
Build-in compliance and automated audit trails

Orchestrating SAP changes involves collaboration between release managers, change managers, developers / customisers, testers and administrators.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 06 SLA
100% SLA compliance by design

The automation of audit trails by Conigma™ CCM ensures first-class traceability of all changes and supports compliance with all standards.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 07 Happy employees
Satisfied employees due to efficiency

According to customer analyses, the use of Conigma™ CCM reduces process overhead by up to 90%. Reduce frustration easily and make room for creativity.

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Conigma CCM Benefit 08 Innovation
Making room for innovation

A decreasing backlog reduces stress and allows the focus to be on the essentials. More time for value creation and innovation. At increased delivery quality.

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Competitiveness means focusing on the essentials: efficient cost structures coupled with innovation and differentiation. Increase your agility and secure your transformations. Adaptability by design. Save your budgets and stay flexible. Take only what you use. Book the add-ons you really need.


For us, retrofit means Conigma™ DevSync. This add-on forms the basis for our unique automatic (multi-level) synchronisation of parallel developments, also for two, three and more parallel landscapes, including automatic three-way merge. Conflicts are automatically detected, non-critical changes are automatically cross-transported with transports-of-copies. Seamless integration in Conigma™ CCM ensures that parallel changes are no longer a problem.


More and more Conigma™ customers develop their ABAP coding in Eclipse. Our Conigma™ add-on takes this into account and allows the use of the familiar Conigma™ functions for ADT / ABAP for Eclipse users as well, including overtaker warning and management. The extended dependency check is also integrated and out-of-the-box. Delivered as an Eclipse plug-in.


Managers and end-user related roles love their web interfaces, even if the SAPgui is more efficient to use in many cases. We take this into account with our Conigma™ One add-on. Web apps specialised in individual tasks with responsive design and intuitive usability. Customised in just a few days. A typical example of this are web apps for remote approvals or customer-specific reports.


This add-on provides one of the final steps of the post-copy process for automatic system copies (e.g. with BlueCopy). Automatic recovery of SAP import queues after system copies, including pre-check of all required data with full integration of overtaker check and correction. Can also be licensed stand-alone as a single product without Conigma™ CCM.


A product developed together with our partner Empirius to automate SAP system copies at the highest level, including automation of all pre- and post-processing before the actual restore. Simple implementation without extensive consultant work: the first productive system copy often after only two days. SAP system copies in consistent quality over the coffee break.