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Conigma™ Connect integrates beyond SAP Cloud ALM

SAP ALM meets ITSM and Test Management

Integration of SAP Cloud ALM or SAP Solution Manager ChaRM/Focused Build as well as SAP Focused Run with products such as Jira, Azure DevOps, ServiceNow or the Tricentis world and even Grafana without programming on a no-code basis.

Others have static adapters. We have Conigma™ Connect.

Galileo Conigma Connect speed to value riskfree no-code integration

Seamless integration of SAP® centric and hybrid IT factories - without any prefabricated adapters.

Our DNA is SAP ALM: over 20 years of know-how and experience as a software provider of SAP-certified ALM solutions. Low operating costs due to our highly automated no-code integration approach. Now also on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). 180 days return policy. No strings attached. ConigmaTM Conigma™

Due to the automatically generated adapters and APIs, Conigma™ Connect supports all SAP® and third-party tools. Within the IT factory and beyond. Across all stages of the integrated DevOps tool chain: planning, development, testing, deployment and production. The overview shows a selection of products. Can't find your integration? We also offer new integrations at a fixed price. With money-back guarantee.

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SAP S4 Hana
SAP SolutionManager FB FI
Azure DevOps
Azure WebApps
BMC Helix
BMC Remedy
Enterprise Architect
JAMA Software
Jira Align
Jira Service Desk
Jira Software
Micro Focus
MicroFocus ALMOctane
MicroFocus QualityCenter
Nexus repository
Office 365
Oracle Applications
Oracle Database
Rally Software
SQL Server
Symphony SummitAI
Tricentis LiveCompare
Tricentis QTest

Conigma™ Connect is indispensable for building SAP-centric and hybrid IT factories. The solution enables any desired integration of all tools involved. The special feature: Graphically generated integration flows enable no-code integration as well as dynamically generated adapters and APIs at the touch of a button.

conigma connect asset integration
Asset integration is yesterday's news

The integration of individual assets is yesterday's news. Nowadays, fully flexible data and process models are required across the boundaries of the IT factory.

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conigma connect integration entities
Any integrations of all entities

No matter if issues, problems, incidents, epics, just to name a few. Conigma™ Connect enables any bidirectional integration of all entities. In real time.

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conigma connect generated interfaces
Adapters and APIs are generated

The adapters and APIs for all modern tools inside and outside the IT Factory are automatically generated with Conigma™ Connect. No-code and at runtime.

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conigma connect hybride sap it-factory
SAP IT Factory without media discontinuities

Conigma™ Connect simplifies bidirectional integrations of SAP and third-party tools in a heterogeneous IT factory that is not only focused on SAP solutions.

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conigma connect dynamic integration
Integration flows on a no-code basis

Conigma™ Connect generates dynamic integration flows via a graphical user interface purely by no-code customising.

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conigma connect onprem managed service
On-prem and as managed service

Conigma™ Connect is available both on-prem and as managed service. The software runs on any platform, including SAP BTP.

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conigma connect fixed price no-risk
Implementation at a fixed price, risk-free

The implementation of Conigma™ Connect is completely risk-free. Proof-of-concept on a fixed-price basis with money-back guarantee.

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conigma connect transaction based integration
Enterprise ready, Out-of-the-box

Conigma™ Connect is successfully used by medium-sized companies as well as global corporations.

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The many successful integrations with Conigma™ Connect are too numerous to mention here: SAP Solution Manager ChaRM, Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager, SAP SAP Cloud ALM, Azure DevOps, Jira, ServiceNow, Tricentis qTest, Tricentis LiveCompare, Valumation, Remedy Helix, Remedy ARS and many more. Visit our integration stories regularly.

New ones are added daily.

Conigma Connect Integration 01
ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager ChaRM 1

This scenario works without Requests for Changes (RfCs) in SAP Solution Manager ChaRM. The SAP ChaRM Change Documents (CDs) are automatically created via Conigma™ Connect from ServiceNow Change Tasks.

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Conigma Connect Integration 02
ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager ChaRM 2

In this scenario, the process starts with ServiceNow Request Items. These RITMs automatically generate corresponding Requests for Change in SAP Solution Manager ChaRM via Conigma™ Connect.

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Conigma Connect Integration 03
ServiceNow, SAP Solution Manager ChaRM 3

In this scenario, SAP Solution Manager ChaRM RfCs are created from ServiceNow Change Requests or directly from SericeNow Incidents. A seamless bidirectional integration via Conigma™ Connect takes place here as well.

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Conigma Connect Integration 04
Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, SAP ChaRM

In this case, Azure DevOps is the leading system. Within 60 seconds, a SAP Solution Manager ChaRM Change Document is created from Azure DevOps via a ServiceNow Change Request, bidirectionally and automatically integrated. Data consistency guaranteed.

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Conigma Connect Integration_Stories 05
Atlassian Jira, Conigma™ CCM

A flexible data and process model within the SAP IT Factory. It does not matter in which of the two partner systems the leading entity is created: Jira or Conigma™ CCM, both work out-of-the-box.

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Conigma Connect Integration Stories 06
Conigma™ CCM, ServiceNow

ServiceNow is used purely as an incident management system in this integration scenario. From a ServiceNow Incident, a Conigma™ CCM Change is automatically created via Conigma™ Connect after the owner has been assigned.

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Conigma Connect Integration Stories 07
Conigma™ CCM, MicroFocus Octane

The scenario starts with the Micro Focus Octane Backlog. A user story created in the Backlog generates a change in Conigma™ CCM via Conigma™ Connect. These two entities are linked bidirectionally with a 1:1 relationship.

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Conigma Connect Integration Stories einzeln 08
USU Valumation, Conigma™ CCM

The integration between Valuemation (USU) and Conigma™ CCM is also in demand. The simplicity lies in being able to create a change in one of the two systems, so it does not matter in which of the two systems the process starts.

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Conigma Connect Integration 09
ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, ChaRM

In this example, a ServiceNow Incident is initially created, which automatically generates an Azure DevOps Bug via Conigma™ Connect in a rule-based manner.

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Conigma Connect Integration 11
ServiceNow, ADO, ChaRM, qTest

This scenario complements the previous one by a seamless bidirectional Tricentis qTest integration. Requirements and defects from qTest are seamlessly linked to ChaRM.

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Conigma Connect Integration Stories 10
Micro Focus ALM QC, CCM

This use case shows the link between Micro Focus ALM Quality Center and Conigma™ CCM. The requirement and test management in ALM QC is continuously synchronised with Conigma™ CCM.

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Conigma Connect Integration Stories 12
ServiceNow, Jira, Conigma™ CCM

In this complex integration scenario, Conigma™ Connect orchestrates three tools at once. Incident management takes place in ServiceNow.

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Conigma Connect Integration 13
SAP FocusedBuild, Azure DevOps

In this interesting scenario, special flexibility of Conigma™ Connect is required. Again, the synchronisation of all data is done without customer-specific coding.

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Conigma Connect Integration 14
Jira, Focused Build ServiceNow, ChaRM

Integration of a Model-IT Factory for SAP S/4HANA migrations. In the implementation phase, a combination of Jira and Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager is used.

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ServiceNow, ADO, SAP ChaRM, CCM, SAP Cloud ALM, Testim, Grafana
ServiceNow, ADO, SAP ChaRM, CCM, SAP Cloud ALM, Testim, Grafana

The performance of Conigma™ Connect is required in this scenario. As a central hub, Azure DevOps orchestrates the entire IT factory.

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ServiceNow, SAP Cloud ALM
ServiceNow, SAP Cloud ALM

In this scenario, hierarchical entities are created in SAP Cloud ALM via Conigma™ Connect. For each sub-task in SAP Cloud ALM, it is checked whether the user story exists.

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