What is meant by the virtualisation of SAP Transport Management?

Blog from 5/18/2018

Conventional SAP® Transport Management considers each individual transport as a separate object. Exports, approvals and imports are processed on an individual transport level. This means that, irrespective of the technical import procedure (single / subset / all), in an individual transport the next action for an SAP® system-client combination will be predefined. SAP® Standard therefore works in just the same way as all other software products on the market with a transport management function.

On the other hand, with the virtualization of an SAP® transport management process using Conigma™ the development transports become “invisible”, i.e. they are “virtualized”. The Change or Transport Manager (likewise other people in the SAP IT organization) needs then only to think in terms of changes / bundles of changes and their approvals, as well as the physical spaces in which these changes must be transported. These functional spaces are assigned to entire bundles of SAP® system-client combinations that cross over numerous SAP® system tracks. Conigma™ decides in the background which transports are to be exported and in which targets the transports are to be imported. Thanks to these higher levels of abstraction, the individuals involved in carrying out the SAP® software change process can save significant amounts of time while drastically raising the quality of their work.