SAP Hybrid ALM - SAP Cloud ALM integrated with ServiceNow

Video from 2/21/2023

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Video Preview

Some customers use ServiceNow as a pure incident management and automatically via Conigma Connect create entities in other tools for that incidents that need to be linked to software changes. Corresponding examples we have already shown in our other videos for Azure DevOps and Jira. Other customers again use the full feature set from ServiceNow with feature management and change management.

This example video shows how to create SAP Cloud ALM sub tasks out of ServiceNow change tasks. It also demonstrates the rules how to create SAP Cloud ALM user stories out of ServiceNow changes.

The current example shows the integration of ServiceNow and SAP Cloud ALM. On the left side we see the ServiceNow Visual Task Board on the right side SAP Cloud ALM. First, a change request is created in ServiceNow. Now the change request is pushed through the various approval stages so that the implementation can start. Now the change request is in Scheduled status and will be moved to Implement status. In the following, the Change Tasks are created. In this example, the creation of a change task causes Conigma Connect to check whether a corresponding user story exists in SAP Cloud ALM.  If this is not the case, it will be created first. Afterwards, the SAP Cloud ALM sub-task is created. You can see that there are no objects in SAP Cloud ALM yet. Now the first Change Task is created in ServiceNow. When creating the change task, the superordinate user story is created on the right side first. After that comes the SAP Cloud ALM sub-task. After saving, all relevant properties from SAP Cloud ALM appear on the left side. After a refresh on the right side you can see the user story. After a refresh on the right side you can see the user story. The corresponding sub-task is attached to this user story. A status change is transferred from SAP Cloud ALM to ServiceNow via pull just like all other fields. Here on the left you can see the transferred status. In the same way, changes in ServiceNow are transferred to SAP Cloud ALM, such as correcting this spelling error here.