SAP Hybrid ALM - Azure DevOps integrating SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis Testim

Video from 1/4/2023

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In times of DevOps and agile methods, integrated test management is a central pillar of highly automated SAP centric IT factories. This applies not only to hybrid approaches in the sense of using SAP Cloud ALM side-by-side with SAP Solution Manager, but also to SAP Cloud ALM alone. Without closely connected, centrally orchestrated regression tests across all heterogeneous technologies, processes such as CI / CD are unthinkable. This example video shows the integration of Tricentis Testim into a central Kanban or task board based on Azure DevOps.

Here you can see the famous Azure DevOps task board. Now for example the user story for the change of the Internal Orders with three attached tasks created automatically in SAP Cloud ALM. Two tests are assigned to this user story in this example. Let's take a look at the Tricentis GUI test. This test already finished without errors. This is shown by the corresponding status together with the Execution ID. The test run was automatically linked to Tricentis via Conigma Connect. Through this link you can see all the other details in Tricentis Testim with a single mouse click. This is one of 1,000 possibilities to orchestrate heterogeneous test tools with Conigma Connect in the SAP centric IT Factory.