SAP DevOps Case Study - Agility meets Flexibility

Blog from 2/16/2021


DevOps Case Study: Very good process description for SAP customers who are looking for an agile approach or SAP DevOps software change process.
The use of automation tools like our Conigma™ only appears in the middle of the to-do list and this is (mostly) true. Without automated support of the SAP software change processes (in this case the agile ones) paired with automated SAP Transport Management it doesn't work. But: Process maturity comes first. Some customers use a Conigma™ introduction as an enabler for the production of process maturity: Force process quality to improve result quality.

Conigma's integrated SAP DevOps Workbench

The picture above shows the Conigma™ integrated SAP DevOps Workbench in this context. In an integrated view, SAP Software Development and SAP System Administration work together in a common SAP Change Control process. Both departments work together in different views on an integrated data basis. This ensures that basic SAP DevOps principles are optimally implemented: the quality of the software, the development and delivery speed as well as the cooperation of the teams involved are promoted.