Virtualization of SAP® Transport Management for SAP Cloud ALM incl. Cross System Landscape Distribution (XLD)

Blog from 11/5/2018

Also for SAP Cloud ALM with XLD and Template Protection

The virtualization function in the SAP® Transport Management System works with Conigma™ even in complex job networks (including as a trigger for manual activities before/during/after the transport jobs), e.g. ie.g. in complex, incongruent SAP® system landscapes with mixed subset/single imports in the sense of an XLD also for SAP Cloud ALM.

Conigma™ is able to perform this role “out-of-the-box”. With this function it is possible to hide unnecessary details in various views (Release Manager, Developer etc.), or rather to carry them out in an automated and quality-assured manner, so that more time is available for the actual development activity. Import containers are a vital component of software distribution. These can be created manually, with a job scheduler according to a set of regulations or implicitly with the distribution of a certain hierarchical element. An import container comprises, for example, an individual change that in turn controls ECC workbench transports and BI customising transports. These transports are imported while the import container is being executed on its respective target system. Once the import of the ECC transport is finished, the import container will display the status “Execution Stopped”. After the necessary pre-processing for the rollout of the BI components into the production has been carried out, the processing of the stopped import container is reattached. 

The example described above works not only in scenarios with congruent system landscapes, in which all of the system tracks have the same system type (e.g. DEV - QA - PRD), but also with any number of incongruent system landscapes with differing development procedures (e.g. a system track e.g. DEV - QA - PRD as well as other dependent system tracks e.g. DEV - QA - QA - PRD).