SAP ALM Toolchain using Tricentis LiveCompare, qTest, Tosca, ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager

Video from 5/13/2024

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SAP ALM Toolchain using Tricentis LiveCompare, qTest, Tosca, ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager
SAP ALM Toolchain using Tricentis LiveCompare, qTest, Tosca, ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager

The following sequence is a conceptual view on integrating Tricentis qTest and Tricentis LiveCompare with Service now and SAP Solution Manager to set up an integrated, test driven SAP ALM Tool Chain.

This is an example of hundreds of possible no code integrations using Conigma Connect as the central middleware.

First of all, in ServiceNow, in this demo example, we create a change request and then a cTask is created for test purposes. This automatically generates a test suite in Tricentis qTest via Conigma Connect. After that the development task is created in ServiceNow. Now, automatically, Conigma Connect creates a change document in SAP Solution Manager and based on that, transports are made and development and customizing tasks are performed. Pressing the corresponding button in SAP Solution Manager starts a „live compare smart impact run“, which commences a set of protocols. Automatically, via Conigma Connect, these protocols are copied to qTest and/or also copied to ServiceNow. They‘re linked to the original qTest test-suite and/or the ServiceNow test-task. Additionally, based on Conigma Connect, all other information will be bidirectionally synchronized such as status changes and so on. Finally, the communication performed by Conigma Connect looks like this: these are the integration flows set up on conigma connect.

So, lets now jump to the demo:

As described in the conceptual part of this video. Lets first start with the creation of our change request in ServiceNow. Let‘s maintain some example properties for the change request. A cTask is automatically created for test evidence when saving the change request. Upon scrolling down, we can see that this task was automatically created. When we jump into it, we find a test-suite link to the test-suite in qTest. Clicking the link, you‘ll see the cTask number and the hyperlink to the task, which is more or less a center for people working on the test procedures. Let‘s now go back to ServiceNow. And we see that a task manually will add for the SAP team.

The task type will be Solution Manager ChaRM. After heading to ‚save‘, a change document is created automatically in SAP Solution Manager ChaRM. Let‘s click on the link and have a look.

From here we push the change document to development. This is also reflected in ServiceNow, where the status is: in development. Now, let‘s go on and create an SAP CTS request, also called: transport request. A customizing request is enough for today‘s example. No workbench test is required. Back in ServiceNow we’ll see the transport request in a linked list with all the accompanying details. To move on, we in the background, have already added content to this transport request and passed to the corresponding change request to the test stage.

This is reflected in ServiceNow. Where the status is: to be tested. So, let‘s now trigger the live compare smart impact. Moving across to „live compare studio“ we filter the active process runs and after a while we see that the smart impact analysis is finished. Now the results are automatically copied by Conigma Connect to ServiceNow. Alternatively, a copy of qTest is possible. By clicking this change task and clicking the attachment icon here, we see the smart impact testing details were attached automatically by Conigma Connect and it looks like this.

On a final note, this is not the only thing that Conigma Connect is doing. For example, here we have a qTest link and status, which is a cumulated status of test runs that are triggered by qTest. So that means, we also have further integrations that are very, very valuable and support transparency as well as compliance.