60 seconds for a ChaRM Change Document fromAzure DevOps User Story via ServiceNow Change Request!!

Video from 3/15/2023

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Video Preview

This video shows how to create a ChaRM Change Document from Azure DevOps via ServiceNow in less than 60 seconds.

First, the ADO Task Board creates a user story with its details.

Moving it to "Active" status triggers the corresponding ServiceNow Change Request creation.

The link automatically maintained by Conigma Connect leads directly to ServiceNow.

In ServiceNow first, the Change Request has to be approved.

Then the way is free to add a CTask to the Change Request.

First, a few details are maintained. The link to the ChaRM Change Document appears.

This constellation allows of course, a complete bidirectional synchronization. This means that all changes in ChaRM are transferred back to Azure DevOps via ServiceNow.