Hybrid SAP ALM – Comprehensive Grafana Dashboard

Video from 1/4/2023

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In SAP centric IT factories, numerous tools have to be orchestrated. Products like SAP Solution Manager ChaRM, Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager or Conigma CCM address SAP on-premises change, release and transport management. SAP Cloud ALM is the first choice for all customers newly implementing SAP ALM or using SAP’s wide variation of cloud products. In addition, some of our customers are still doing intensive custom development outside the SAP world, where Jira or Azure DevOps seems to be a de facto standard. Not to forget an integrated test management that has to be orchestrated across the three worlds SAP on-prem ALM, SAP Cloud ALM and Non-SAP ALM. Conigma Connect offers the possibility to integrate these and even more heterogeneous tools into different dashboards. This video shows an example dashboard based on Grafana with a 360 degree view of the key metrics of a SAP centric IT Factory. This example was customized in only two days and is a wonderful example of Conigma Connect. Extensions of any customer specific KPIs are easily possible via no-code customizing with almost no effort.

Here you can see an example of a comprehensive dashboard for a hybrid ALM SAP IT Factory. First of all, a visualization of the remaining project days. More important, an overview of the distribution of tasks in the various statuses within the three known technology environments:
SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Solution Manager ChaRM and 3rd party development. Here is an example of an overview of the tasks by priority for the different environments, namely: two SAP cloud environments, two SAP on-prem environments and for the .NET Framework. Here you will find an overview of the tests according to the analogous structure as above with corresponding test progresses. For example, in the SAP Cloud environment, 33 tests were successful and 12 failed. Last but not least, here is the status of the software logistics broken down by the different environments.
For example, the cloud transports, of which 25 were successful and 123 remain to be distributed.
Of course, you will also find all the necessary drilldowns. For example, into Tricentis Testim or alternatively, into the corresponding deployment environments. This is one of more than 1,000 ways to visualize the hybrid ALM SAP IT Factory at a glance.