Hybrid SAP ALM - Azure DevOps & SAP Cloud ALM enhance each other

Video from 11/13/2022

Conigma Connect links SAP Cloud ALM and Azure DevOps. No code, no effort.

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In the following example, Azure DevOps and SAP Cloud ALM are integrated in a seamless manner.

The used data model is just an example and can be adjusted at any time. Maintaining the environment of an Azure DevOps task automatically generates the corresponding task in SAP Cloud ALM.

Bidirectional synchronization works with any data and transformation. Here is the automatically created task. It contains an HTML link to the partner object. It's the same on the opposite side, an additional ADO task does not create a new user story in SAP Cloud ALM. Here is the new task.

All changes in the ADO Kanban board are synchronised to SAP Cloud ALM. The user story also updated its status in SAP Cloud ALM. The whole thing also works in the opposite direction. Here, the status of a task is changed in SAP Cloud ALM. This bidirectional synchronisation works with any data and transformations.