How flexible is the data model in Conigma™?

Blog from 1/20/2019


In contrast to other Solution Management Systems, Conigma™ has a flexible object model, which allows it to display all the details of a client’s requirements and keeps them easily maintainable. It is therefore possible to carry out a customization for a worldwide rollout in just a few days rather than weeks or months, even in international (DAX-) corporate scenarios. Even changes in the object model, in other words to the process (keyword: four/six-eyes principle for certain critical operations or the like) can be carried out “on the fly” (in the shortest time possible), if, for example, change requests arise from legal requirements, from internal audits or from audits carried out by an external auditor, which must be implemented promptly for compliance reasons. Conigma™ can manage any number of object hierarchies with objects that overlap several system landscapes and is thus able to satisfy this request in its entirety. To this end, any number of object types and hierarchies can be customized. A request can, for example, be divided into various releases. Different release types can moreover be set up with sub-releases. Conigma™ in turn allows hierarchical changes to be allocated with sub-changes. The built-in automatic SAP template protection and the option to perform out-of-the-box SAP Cross System Landscape Distribution (SAP XLD) round off the package. This also works in conjunction with SAP Cloud ALM.

All of the objects in a complex tree view follow their own workflow, inherit characteristics and (status) information from their primary objects and combine them again.