Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager & Azure DevOps - Complex Workflows made easy

Video from 2/28/2023

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Video Preview

This video shows a prime example of the capabilities and flexibilities of Conigma Connect. I will show an integrated workflow that manages entities in SAP Focused Build and Azure DevOps.
In this case, the user first creates a requirement in Focused Build. From this requirement Conigma Connect creates an ADO feature. The user maintains a bunch of properties on the feature, which Conigma Connect then uses to create the corresponding work package in Focused Build. The scope extensions are then done with the help of user stories, which are created in ADO. This triggers the creation of work items in Focused Build. All these entities are technically linked to each other even after creation. Conigma Connect not only ensures consistent data management but also orchestrates the workflows of the five different entity types. This is just one example. You can find tons of different use cases and data models integrating Focused Build with Azure DevOps and the rest of the world at our other satisfied customers.

In this example, a requirement first is created in FocusedBuild for SAP Solution Manager.
After maintaining all required fields in FocusedBuild, a feature is automatically created in Azure DevOps via Conigma Connect.
The next step is done by someone else in Azure DevOps. Here the required fields in the ADO feature are maintained to remotely create a work package in FocusedBuild.
To do this, the customer-specific Focused Build tab is opened in Azure DevOps at the feature level.
After maintaining the required fields, Conigma Connect creates the appropriate work package in FocusedBuild and links it to the original requirement.
The work package is directly set to "Scoping" status by Conigma Connect.
Now a new user story is created in Azure DevOps for the feature.
The title chosen for the user story is "Demo Normal Change".
After maintaining the required fields in the user story, the corresponding work item is automatically created in FocusedBuild and assigned to the work package.
Not only the required fields are transferred, but also the solution documentation is linked.
Now a second user story is created with the title "Demo General Change", which creates the corresponding work item in FocusedBuild.
Additionally to the shown capabilities remote state transitions are quite common at all levels of the hierarchical entity model.
To demo that capability the status of the feature is set to "Active" in Azure DevOps. The feature represents both the Focused Build Requirement and the FocusedBuild Work Package.
Then, one of the two user stories is set to "Acitve", which triggers the status change of the corresponding work item.
Conigma Connect ensures that for any cross-tool data and process model, all information remains consistent in Azure DevOps and FocusedBuild for SAP Solution Manager.