Flexible approval workflows for SAP Cloud ALM with Conigma™ CCM

Blog from 9/1/2023

How do approvals work in Conigma™?

Conigma™ delivers numerous approval possibilities “out-of-the-box”, and the same applies for rejections.

It is important to differentiate between different approval levels in the object hierarchy (e.g. approval on the release-, change- or transport-levels). For SAP Cloud ALM, these are user stories, sub-tasks, and features. It is also possible to configure whether an approval should be carried out with a specific status or inside a status interval.

Furthermore, the behavior in the case of multiple approval/object/status combinations can be set in the case of multiple passes through an approval request in the context of rework cycles. For example, a specific process step requires an approval consisting of a technical and functional release. The technical release is granted, the functional one is refused and the object goes back into the development (i.e. the start of the rework cycle). Once the adjustments are complete, it can be useful to request the previously granted technical release again, but it is not essential. Both approaches are possible with an out-of-the-box Conigma™ package.

Furthermore, out-of-the-box Conigma™ is familiar with numerous other release principles (e.g. variable recipients for release requests depending on the rework cycle).