Content comparison of SAP systems made easy

Blog from 1/25/2020

Problem definition

The contents of two SAP systems are to be compared. This comparison should include both Customizing and Workbench objects.

Solution approach

A report for the content comparison of two SAP systems (or clients) is included in the scope of delivery of Conigma CCM. The report /GAL/CCM_SUP_SYSTEM_COMPARISON performs this comparison based on the development or customizing objects contained in any Conigma object (CTS request, change, release, etc.).

This report is mainly intended as a sample report for customer developments and for support purposes, but it can also be used directly.

Carrying out the system comparison

When you start the report, the following selection screen appears:

Here the ID of a Conigma repository with connection information for the source and target system of the comparison must be specified first. Then the source and the target of the comparison can be specified. Finally, you can select a Congima Repository object whose cumulated object list defines the scope of the system comparison. A search help is available for selecting the reference object.

Depending on the scope of the comparison, processing may take some time. Therefore, it may make sense to execute this as a background job.

Result of the system comparison

A short summary of the compared objects is displayed at the beginning of the output.


The numbers of identical (green), not compared (yellow) and different (red) objects as well as the total number of objects compared grouped by repository objects and customizing are displayed here.

The individual comparison results are then listed in detail:


Alternative solutions

If available, the "old" standalone interface of Conigma DevSync can also be used for the system comparison. A corresponding article can be found in the Conigma DevSync knowledge base. You can also use the SAP standard transactions SREPO, SCMP and SCU0 for the comparison. However, a SAP standard transaction for the parallel comparison of all object types does not exist here.